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I don't have time to attend netherlands phone number list

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To all the patients that come to me through my website," she says. Thanks to her foray into digital, today he is a benchmark in the field of nutrition, attending television programs as an authority on the subject. Currently, he works on video production to expand his digital presence on his youtube channel as well. “the truth is that i don't know what the ceiling of this is netherlands phone number list. I feel that there is no limit and that the opportunities are endless”. Without a doubt, the digital world represents the gateway for many projects that aim to go a step beyond business, contributing to the development of local economies. This is how aliada arises, a digital platform dedicated to offering cleaning services in mexico, acting as a bridge between internet users who seek help with household chores and women who do housework independently netherlands phone number list.

The platform works as an Netherlands phone number list empowering agent for millions of mexican women who, thanks to the possibilities of the digital ecosystem and previous technical training, can now work at their own pace, on their terms and for a fair salary. “we want all women who want to get ahead to have access to opportunities that are flexible, well paid and that adjust to their needs” netherlands phone number list, highlights ana orvañanos, co-founder of the company. Today, the company has more than 1,500 users in mexico city and the metropolitan area, becoming one of the fastest growing ventures in the country, aspiring to become an inclusive center and a stable source of work for home counselors in mexico netherlands phone number list. .

The massification of the internet in the region has become a democratizing agent of opportunities. Not only for users, but also for those who venture to undertake. In this scenario, the development of digital skills is key to taking advantage of the possibilities offered by the online world on the way from latin america to the developed world. Sources 1 emarketer, “internet user penetration in latin america, by country”, 2015-2020, september 2016. 2 eclac, annual report on the economic outlook for latin america: youth, skills and entrepreneurship, 2017 netherlands phone number list.
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